San Jose Neighborhoods for All has a formal endorsement process for both Organizational and Individual Endorsers to support the Opportunity Housing movement. If you or your organization would like to be publicly acknowledged as an endorser of SJ Neighborhoods for All, please read the endorsement statement below and complete the short form that follows.

Endorsement Statement

I support opportunity housing in San Jose; allowing duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes to be built in single-family neighborhoods citywide. I support building a community where everyone can live, work, and thrive. This policy will create more broad based economic prosperity for San Jose as more people will be able to move into high-opportunity areas with good jobs, and will allow more residents the opportunity to find housing they can afford, making it easier to support their families.

Building a more inclusive community must include eliminating exclusionary zoning that has perpetuated the division of our city by race and income, fueled our housing crisis by constraining housing choices and options, and threatened our environmental sustainability by increasing urban sprawl, long polluting commutes, and displacement of communities into areas at great risk of climate hazards. This modest step towards inclusion and expanded economic opportunity, crafted to protect against displacement of existing residents, will enhance neighborhoods and strengthen communities throughout the city. I support opportunity housing in San Jose.

Thank you for endorsing San Jose Neighborhoods for All and the Opportunity Housing Movement!

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