What was the General Plan 4-Year Review Task Force recommendation?

The City’s General Plan 4-Year Review Task Force, made up of stakeholders and community leaders from every council district, originally recommended that the city develop a policy to allow opportunity housing – duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexes – in neighborhoods currently restricted to single family homes in neighborhoods across the city. 

Although it is early in a multiyear process, the task force recommended that the next steps include:

  • Conducting robust citywide community engagement, 
  • Studying incentives to include units at affordable or moderately-priced levels, 
  • Developing tools to minimize displacement risks, and
  • Proposing strategies to preserve historic areas.

The Neighborhoods for All coalition brought people and community organizations together to advocate for this process to proceed, and is continuing to champion the Task Force’s recommendation to study affordability.

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